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Humanity in Leadership
July 12, 2022
Building trust has always been difficult, but essential, to having a high-performance organization. While that remains true it has never been more important than right now in a rapidly changing and largely distributed workplace. This one-day course will help you to assess the levels of trust within your team or organisation and provide strategies to improve.
Shot of businesspeople having a meeting in a boardroom
July 29, 2022
Good leaders use strategic storytelling, using stories that show their organizations as agents of change, rather than just maintaining the status quo. We all tell stories from time to time but few have taken the time to consider how to properly craft them in a way that creates engagement and understanding. Stories told in a professional environment are designed to influence and engage your listener in a call to action. While facts and figures are important, we must embed these in a story to link up the rational side of our brain with the emotional side. Brain research shows that people are more likely to take action when they connect head and heart.
Difficult Conversations: A Framework for Dealing With Conflict
October 4, 2022
Conflict and the resulting difficult conversations are natural by-products of a healthy and productive workplace. That does not make them any easier to manage. Having productive, difficult conversations is a necessary skill in creating high performance. This session enables you to reflect on key information which helps you to consider how best to conduct difficult conversations – whether necessary in your role as a leader or important within your personal life.
Psychological Safety – How to ensure a cohesive team that works
November 22, 2022
There is a growing set of data that points to Psychological Safety as one of the critical culture components to a high performance team or organisation. It is, however, a concept that is not well understood and often not properly implemented. Bill G Williams will discuss the key components to Psychological Safety as well the importance of providing performance feedback in a way that it can be heard. He will also cover the key components of Emotional Intelligence and its importance to the high functioning, high performing team.
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