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July 14, 2021
In Managing Up!, we take the stance that not only is it possible, but it is necessary, to develop the skillset to effectively ‘manage’ your manager and to learn how to, as one author puts it, ‘lead without authority’. In Managing Up!, we will not be attempting to be clones of Machiavelli, but we will be learning fundamental strategies and acquiring the mindset required to create a work relationship based on partnership:- create an environment where meaningful feedback is both given and received; – fully inhabit the role we were hired to do – within the requisite degrees of freedom and, – fully support our managers in a way that allows them to operate at the right level and to be confident to really delegate pivotal tasks and responsibilities.
July 20, 2021
In a safe learning environment, men will be able to understand the mechanism people have that causes them to pre-judge. They will look at how this mechanism creates gender-related bias and what all individuals can do to reduce the bias. In facilitated discussions, participants will explore ways to move past bias and build a work environment that is more inclusive.

NOTE: This is a Men Only Session
woman leaning on metal rail
July 22, 2021
This seminar will focus on some of the barriers to leadership progression that are within the control or influence of women themselves. We will acknowledge that there remain systemic, external barriers that are outside of the control of women in our society. In discussions with other women, participants will explore ways that they themselves can move past some of their own barriers to achieve more authentic and powerful leadership.

NOTE: This is a women only event
woman sitting beside table using laptop
September 15, 2021
We’re fatigued. We have lockdown fatigue. ZOOM fatigue. TEAMS fatigue. Physical, emotional, and mental fatigue. And let’s just say we’re seeing a lot more of our family than we used to! We need help and inspiration to make practical changes and make them last. Alone is hard. So, let’s do this together. This session is a practical, modern, behavioural-change programme, designed to influence and inspire you to enrich the quality of your life through holistic wellbeing, build resilience and manage change.