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Mindful communication: connecting with US
mai 9, 2023
This third session will build on the previous two sessions whilst still standing alone, and in session three we will explore the ‘Art of Communication’.  Refereeing to communication as an art suggests that like painting or particularly the art of dance, communication has a flow between two or more people that requires a high degree of personal awareness or mindfulness if misunderstanding is to be avoided.
Be Future Ready
juin 6, 2023
CHANGE is the future of work. In this future, which is happening now, all organizations are faced with the reality of having to produce more at a faster pace, with increased complexity and uncertainty. To get people on board with proposed changes, it requires skillful leaders to guide teams from their current state to the desired future.
Mindful change: connecting with ENGAGEMENT
juin 20, 2023
Session four pulls together the previous three sessions to explore and understand how to create mindful and radical engagement. If leaders can see what needs to change within an organisation, it is so tempting to tell or instruct employees on how and what to do differently. However, this can so often come across as ‘change by imposition’.
Leadership Habits for Complex Times
octobre 24, 2023
All of us are being impacted in new ways by what’s going on in the world today. During these times, we have additional challenges leading people while balancing the stress and the overlap of work and increased family commitments. In this workshop, participants will learn how to lead through ambiguity, build trusting relationships, and foster inclusiveness, connection, and focus while working remotely
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